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About the Rylan Realty Group Team

About Rylan Realty Group

Rylan Realty Group is a locally owned and operated business serving NW Ohio and SE Michigan since 2006. Our owners Ryan Phillips and Alan Longenecker are dedicated to helping you find the perfect home for yourself and your family.

Get the most out of your home when it's time to sell, and find the perfect home for you and your family when it's time to buy. With Rylan Realty Group, you can find the best homes in the area and get a great price when you go to sell your home. Contact us today at 419-887-1717 for a FREE initial consultation.
Rylan Realty Group

Meet Our Owners

Ryan Phillips - Broker/Owner
Phone: 419-704-4389 (cell)
Ryan Phillips
Alan Longenecker - Realtor/Owner
Phone: 419-868-1070 (cell)
Alan Longenecker

Meet Our Agents

Dana Gray - Realtor
Phone: 419-461-1167 (cell)
Dana Gray
Christopher Bateson - Realtor
Phone: 419-388-1491 (cell)
Dana Gray

Meet the Property Management Team

Dianne Reed is the main property manager of all units. She's been with us at Rylan Realty Group since July of 2014.
Kelly Crippen joined the Rylan Realty Group team in September 2012 and primarily handles application processing, lease signings, and other property management support.
Charles Neuhaus has been a member of the Rylan Realty Group team since January 2017. Currently helping property management part time while pursuing his Real Estate Salesperson License.
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